Feng Shui – July 2022 – Month of the Fire Sheep – Ding Wei 丁未)

The parallels between the Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui of our current Black Water Tiger year and 1962 are amazing!

I recently found the following excerpt from an article written by one of my favorites – Manley P. Hall who founded the Philosophical Research Society. For years I went to hear his annual astrological predictions. There were always hundreds of people and he never used any notes! He just launched into the subject and delivered his lecture. Let’s hope his last paragraph is not referring to the Great Reset with Claus Swab – he’s an earth Tiger!

The Year of the Tiger
by Manly Palmer Hall

“Everywhere in the world, climatic situations have been unfavorable. Storms have been most unseasonable; crops have been destroyed by floods, tornadoes, and heavy frosts. The whole world is agitated and confused, and many are afraid that the storms will continue. There have been many upheavals within countries and governments, and the long-range race of armaments continues. There have been mental, moral, psychical, spiritual, and physical storms in the lives of people, strong examples of intolerance have appeared, and philosophical and cultural matters have been seriously neglected. Discontent is almost universal, but there seems no immediate probability that these pressures will subside.

How does the tiger fit into this picture? He may indicate that in some areas at least, men will rise to face the emergency. There will be more of courage, determination, and resolution.

In a year of the tiger, men set in motion procedures that may not be completed for many years or even generations. Foundations of vast projects are laid down, policies may be subtly introduced which will have their fruits in distant times. The tiger, therefore, is a kind of philosopher-not overwhelmed by the conditions of the moment, but mindful of generations yet unborn.”

–excerpts taken from the essay “The Year of the Tiger” by Manly P. Hall, 1962

In the Bagua chart above, the big number indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations.

Center 5/6
The monthly 6 yang metal star joins with the yearly 5 earth star. Since the 5 star has no earthly direction or polarity, it is outside of the third dimension. You may suffer minor health problems that won’t go away, anxiety that could lead to fights and arguments, or feeling brain dead – unable to think logically. You may also run into cash flow
problems. Remember there is no remedy for the center as it is the point where qi flows into a building. Its influence underlies all of the other sectors this month.

Auspicious Directions

NE 8/9
Here the month 9 fire (future money star) joins the monthly auspicious 8 earth star. They 9 fire makes the 8 energy stronger specially in the northeast, which is the natural home of 8 qi. Wealth, in the forms of business and real estate are at their height here. This combination also brings joy and festivities to the house including marriage. Fire makes the combo even stronger.

West 7/8
The monthly auspicious 8 yang earth star joins the yearly 7 yin metal star. Together these two (the west is the home of the 7-metal star) denote bankruptcy, quarrels, theft etc. – because the metal is reducing the energy of the 8 star. Some water reduces the metal’s energy.

South 9/1
The monthly auspicious 9 fire star joins with the yearly auspicious 1 water star to bring the much-desired sum of 10 here. The combo introduces the natural “harmony of fire and water. This combination attracts money, wealth, happiness, and fame.

Inauspicious Directions

SE 4/5
The monthly 5 star combines with the yearly yin wood star this month. Since the southeast is the home of the yin wood (wind) flying star, the dark energies of the 5 (since they are also in the center) are less strong. They can bring loneliness, feelings of being mentally off, addictions etc. The remedy here is water. It drains the 5 and enhances the 4.

SW 2/3
The monthly 3 yang wood/chaos star is joins the yearly 2 earth sickness star. This combination is called “bullfight sha.” They bring trouble, lawsuits, arguments, and may also bring stomach problems, especially for females (since the Southwest rules the mother and the #2 star.) The remedy is a little fire and a little metal.

NW 6/7
The monthly 7 metal star i joins the yearly 6 yang metal star to bring what is known as “crossed swords.” This brings very powerful metal energy especially in the northwest which is ruled by 6 yang metal. It also brings family quarrels, surgery, headaches mouth problems, traffic accidents and possible legal problems. The remedy here is water.

North 1/2
The monthly 2 earth star joins the early water star. It can bring “muddy communication,” between mother (2) and son (1), possible divorce, ill health and disease – the kidneys are also at high risk. The remedy is metal to bring the earth and water into balance.


East 4/3
The monthly 4 wind yin wood star combines with the yearly 3 yang wood star. It denotes a feeling of always being busy, rushing around, finding it hard to make a decision etc. Can bring problems with legs or hands. To reduce these energies add fire – to enhance them add some water.

Try to inhabit the good energies this month as the center stars are not very supportive!

Love and Light,