July 2021 – Green Wood Sheep

The I ching reading for the month of July is #48 – Replenishing or the Well. You can find the hexagram for every day, month and year by going to the membership section, selecting the I ching category and then Xuan Kong Da Gua. A chart I created months ago (in English) will come up along with a video that explains how to use the chart – in case you forgot!! The name of the element and animal gives you the hexagram. So, since this is a wood (element) sheep month the hexagram is #48. It is a very apt hexagram for a month is which there is missing water in the wood sheep combination.

This month the future money star # 9 (fire) flies to the center of the bagua. Since it is timely (we are moving into the #9 twenty year cycle in a couple of years) money luck is high, and it may feel like a blessing to everyone but the male head of the household. The male head of the household is ruled by #6 and fire destroys metal #6. There can also be danger of a family clash from one generation to the next which could cause stress and affect the health of some people. It is a two edged sword! Several sectors have this conflicting energy.

Auspicious Locations

South 1-4 – (water and yin wood)
This combination is called peach blossom and can attract love, romance and outside affairs. It s also a very artistic, creative sector (the combo rules both procreation and creation!) No fire here as it is already in the south. Water will enhance the energies.Northwest – 7-1 (yin metal and water) This combination works together with the yin metal (also know as the lake.) The symbol of the two energies is that of the metal melting into water. It is called the feel good combo – one feels relaxed, drowsy, happy, and may be attracted to alcohol and drugs in this sector. It can also bring a feeling of vanity and promiscuity. Water enhances the energy and fire reduces.

South 5-8 ( other worldly and earth)
This year the SE has the #5 misfortune star, but in July it is visited by the most powerful timely star 8, The energies of the #8 star overrides the negativity of the #5 star so this sector is very good for money this month. Do not use fire to enhance the #8 star as it will also make the 35 star stronger. No remedy

Northeast – 9-3 – (#9 fire star and the #3 yang wood chaos star)
This combo can bring really hot , scintillating energy. It is a very good energy for studying. One can feel very clever here, much banter but have to watch it doesn’t dissolve into sarcasm! No fire – water to reduce energy.

Inauspicious Locations

North – 2-5 (other worldly #5 and #2 earth )
This is the most inauspicious direction this month. It attract serious and misfortune. The water of the north helps somewhat to drain it, but metal is needed to cut its negative qi. Clock with a pendulum (metal) would be good here.

East – 4-7 – (#4 yin wood and #7 yin metal)
These are both female stars and together (metal destroys wood) and can bring conflicts and/or bad relationships betweenez females in the family. May bring liver disease or disabilities. This area needs water to bring the energies into balance.

Southwest – 3-6 – (#3 yang wood chaos star and #6 yang metal)
They are very strong in the Southwest. The #6 star can destroy the #3 star. Can lead nto cuts on hands or legs (ruled by#3 star), car accidents, or legal problems. The area needs water to bring the wood and metal into balance just like the east.


West 8-2 – This sector is #8 yang earth and #2 yin earth.
The #8 is so strong now that the #2 sickness star is over shadowed. Be sure to not use any fire here to enhance the #2 earth energy. No remedy necessary