Feng Shui – Flying Stars – Year of the Black Water Tiger

Hi everyone! We are transiting to the new Solar Year of the Black Water Tiger which begins February, 4, 2022 at 4:15 am (in the Chinese time zone.) The Lirst day of the Chinese astrological/Feng Shui year is different from the popular Chinese New Year Day, which is calculated from the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year Day is on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 this year. It is the Lirst lunar day of the Lirst lunar month. The two dates cause alot of confusion because they are from two different calendars, the lunar calendar and the Solar calendar and then is also the solar -lunar!

The solar calendar is used to calculate dates in Feng Shui because it is the bigger picture. It indicates when to plant crops, when to build homes etc. and is called the Lirst day of spring.

Interestingly, this year’s Bazi chart (the four pillars showing year, month, day and hour of birth) for February, 4, 2022 at 4:15 am is a triple tiger! This rarely happens. Here is the chart – notice all animals and elements are Yang. Its really going to be an active, vigorous, impulsive, aggressive year! And remember the animal representative of Beijing is the Tiger. Guess what day
the Olympics open in Beijing – February 4th – the First day of the Triple Tiger year!! This was definitely planned. More on this later, this newsletter is about the Feng Shui of 2022!

In this newsletter, I am going to concentrate on the annual 2022 Flying Stars energies and their locations within your home or business, and let the monthly energy go. It is important to know where the annual qi flies this year as it is so strong. All of the numbers are flying back to location/direction they rule in the post heaven bagua. For example, the SW is the natural home of #2 and the NE of #8 etc. The energy is they radiate is doubled this year.

Center – In the past feng shui newsletters, I usually referred to the #5 qi “as the evil yellow number five!” Some people call it the misfortune star – representing accidents, bad luck, illness, injury, etc. Its natural placement in the bagua is in the center, so it has no direction or charge like the other eight elements. This year it is at home in the center of the bagua where it will play a crucial role. Being in the center, it rises from there and radiant out to the rest of the structure and underlies all of the other stars. There are no remedies for the center.

Auspicious Directions

NE #8 – yang soil – The #8 is the prosperity star and in the NE which is its natural home, it is very strong. It is an extremely beneLicial star attracting good luck, material gain, and a good reputation. The only problem is that the Grand Duke of Jupiter is here also this year! He doesn’t like to be confronted, so make sure if you spend time in this sector be sure to sit or sleep with your back to him. He will then support you. This area should also be kept as quiet and neat and tidy as possible – no running water. Fire like a salt lamp would be good here as it makes the #8 stronger. Also a crystal would be great here as it captures the auspicious earth energies of the #8.

NW #6 – yang metal – This area is blessed with the double 6 Heaven star in its nature home. This direction is very auspicious this year also. These energies are is know as the academic, creative star with good fortune, fame, power and authority and assistance from Heaven. Great place to concentrate on improving career and money. It is especially good for the male head of household. Earthen objects enhance the NW direction – also earth colors. No water (drains the qi) or Lire which destroys the qi. Crystals would also be good here.

North #1 – water – The water star is coming into greater power with the new 9 – 20 year cycle we are moving into in 2024. Some call it the Victory or Lucky star. It attracts luck and a good reputation. Activating and residing in this location can help generate proper and wealth, and obtain recognition. Its a great area to work in – like the NE and NW. The only problem here is that it is also the location of the three killing stars. It is better to face them (north) and not sit with them behind you. They do not cause a problem unless there is
a lot of commotion and movement in the area. Water or metal here will enhance all of the existing water.

SE #4 – yin wood – The yin wood #4 star is known as the academic, creative, artistic and love star. In its home, the southeast, the qi is very strong this year. It is beneLicial for romantic relationships, gaining new knowledge and creating great art! It brings happiness and well being. This is a great area to spend time on. The energies are chanced by plants, hater, greens or blues.

Inauspicious Directions 2022

SW #2- yin soil – This is known as the “sickness star.” Residing in its original Lo Shu (bagua) position, it makes the chance of succumbing to illness much stronger. if your main door or bedroom is located SW, or if your home or business faces SW, you must ensure this afLliction is properly remedied. Metal is the remedy. Make sure there is no Lire or Lire colors in this locate as it will make the energy stronger. Other recommended remedies to place in this sector are the Natural Gourd, which is known as a “Hu Lu”. In olden times, a “Hu Lu” or “Wu Lou” was used to store medicinal herbs. Chinese deities (such as the Eight Immortals) were often portrayed carrying a gourd, in which they would capture and contain evil spirits. Since my front door is in this direction/location I am going to put a brass gourd here! Also, the SW is opposite to the Grand Duke this year. (see newsletter sent to members on afLlictions for 2022.

East #3 – yang wood – This star is known as the chaos or conLlict star. The star’s inLluence is characterized by disharmony in business or family relationships. If not subdued, its quarrelsome energies can lead to conLlicts, lawsuits, or even court cases. Since it is in its natural location these energies are very strong. Try to not sleep or open outside doors in this direction/ location. All of this yang wood can be reduced by Lire.

West #7 – yin metal – this is known as the Robbery star. In the west this year, it creates a double yin metal energy. It can symbolize robbery, lawsuits, jail. Do not use moving objects that create sound like a radio, television, or musical instruments. Make sure all doors and windows are secure here. Avoid Lire or the color red here as Lire energy will aggravate all of the metal. It is best to use actual still water and the colors blue and black here.

2022 is going to be a year to remember!